[Owasp-switzerland] Help with lodging while in Zurich?

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Fri May 30 05:17:13 EDT 2008

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Hi everyone,
Dave Wichers, who's one of OWASP's board members will be speaking at the
~ Jazoon 2008 conference in Zurich and so he will stay in Zurich during
the week of June 23-29. The problem he's got now is, that it seems that
nearly every hotel he was looking at was either booked out or costs
about $600 U.S. / night.

This is the situation and so here are my questions to all of you:

1.) Does someone live in Zurich and can provide Dave with a place to
sleep during this week.

2.) Does someone know a cheaper hotel or something else, where Dave
could get a room?

PS: Below you'll find the original mail sent by Dave.


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I have a favor to ask you. I'm a member of the OWASP board and the OWASP
Conferences Chair. As part of OWASP's outreach/community program, I'm
going to be speaking at the Jazoon 2008 conference in Zurich
(http://jazoon.com/) during the week of June 23-29. The idea is to
promote OWASP at other events like this Java conference.

The problem I am having is that almost all the hotels in Zurich are
booked during that period and those that have rooms available are
extremely expensive. The current room we were able to find is almost
$600 U.S. / night.

So, would the Zurich OWASP chapter be able to either:

1) Help find me a place to stay at a more reasonable price, or

2) Find someone in the chapter who would be willing to provide me with
a place to sleep in their home during that period? I don't need anything
fancy, a small bed or a couch would suffice.


Thanks, Dave

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