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Sven Vetsch / Disenchant sven.vetsch at disenchant.ch
Mon Mar 3 03:57:34 EST 2008

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Hi everybody,
the OWASP leaders try to launch the second global OWASP Day on the 1.
April 2008 -> "WebAppSec Is No Joke"

I think if it's possible, we should participate in this OWASP Day and
try to get some (media) attendance for OWASP and also for our Local
Chapter here in Switzerland. My idea would be, to have a normal meeting
but with more attendees and the talks should be more of a global view on
the topic of WebAppSec (Technical, Business, Legal, ...).

Because I've got many other things to do like all of you, I'll need some
help. For this time it would be a great, if you can inform me, if you've
got any good media contacts who would like to get an interview or print
an article, contacts to universities which can inform their students in
a mass mail or offer a big room (University of Zurich or ETH?). Also any
company is welcome which could be interested in this in any way.

We should also have some interesting talks there, so that it's worth to
come. Some of you already informed me, that you would like to give a
presentation during a meeting in the near future, so what's about an
OWASP Day talk? Just inform me, what you'd like to talk about and we'll
try to bring it into the OWASP Day in Switzerland.

Thanks in advance for your help :)

PS: Here you'll find information about the las OWASP Day


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