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Tue Mar 6 17:05:32 EST 2007

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Hi list members,
I'd like to start the planning for the next OWASP Switzerland Local
Chapter meeting.

Date and time:
Aren't fixed yet. I've set up a doodle voting pool again, where you can
vote for the dates, where you can join the meeting. Before you start
voting, please finish reading this mail because there are some important
information which could be important for it. The time would be in the
evening, to know why just read the "What"-Part of this mail :)

Here's the voting pool:

Tobias or Sandro, can one of you offer a room again? Please contact me

As usual, everyone is welcome, so if you know someone who could also be
interested in participate, ask him/her to come too  :)

As I've already informed you, Fortify Software would like to do some
sponsoring on our Local Chapter, which I think is a great chance for us.
At the last chapter meeting we had the idea to combine the meeting with
a dinner after or just having a beer together. Now Nick Blamey from
Fortify informed me, that they will invite us to such a dinner and also
send one of their guys to our meeting for give a presentation about one
of the topics on the list I had with me at the last meeting. Sounds
great, not? :)
We'll combine the dinner with a reallife meeting of the zog.net
mailinglist, which is a mailinglist for Swiss IT security professionals
(these guys of course are also kindly invited to join the OWASP meeting
before). So, there will be a real "Swiss Security Dinner" which is very
interesting and fun at the same time :)

Now for your information about the voting for the date, keep in mind,
that on the 26.April, Fortify would be able to send us Dr. Brian Chess
which's their CTO and founder for give a presentation to us. It would be
great if anyone votes because we should know how many people attending
to the meeting and especially the dinner for do the reservation.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask me (on- or offlist) :)


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