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Wed Jul 11 10:23:19 EDT 2007

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Hi everyone,
due the voting on doodle.ch I decided to fix the 24.07.2007 for the next
Meeting of the OWASP Switzerland Local Chapter. If you've not already
voted, please do that as soon as possible at
http://www.doodle.ch/dp4ZwmXihAhf, even if the voting for the date has
finished because we need a list of all participants. If you won't
publish your full name there please drop me a mail that you'll be at the

As I wrote already to this list, the meeting cycle changed to every
three months but on the other hand I like to have more content then just
one presentation or whatever (even if all of that stuff had a good
quality until now :D) so this time we would have two bigger talks and a
smaller one.

So let's go to the information for the meeting.

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Date and time:
24. July 2007
Meeting 17:00 - ca. 19:00

Zurich Financial Services
Mythenquai 2 / Zurich


A big thanks at this point once more to Tobias Christen and the Zurich
Financial Services for sponsoring the meeting room again.

As at all of our meetings, everyone is welcome, so if you know someone
who could also be interested in participate, ask him/her to come too :)

It's a pleasure for me to present you a real program (which's by the way
very cool as you'll see) for this meeting.

- - Welcome
  As usual Sven Vetsch takes his role as leader of the Switzerland Local
  Chapter serious and says hello to the audience ;)

- - Information
  The place for information about OWASP, Security, Fun and all other
  things we should know about.

- - OWASP (Talk)
  We are the OWASP Switzerland Local Chapter but it seems that most of
  the attending people on the meetings don't really know what
  sub-projects the OWASP has, how it's organized or also how successful
  the OWASP already is, so for example that in the commercial market,
  the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard has adopted the OWASP Top 10,
  and requires (among other things) that all merchants get a security
  code review for all their custom code. Sven Vetsch will give you just
  a small overview what the OWASP really is about.

- - Security for Java Mobile Code (Talk)
  Pierre Parrend from the INSA Lyon (Institut National des Sciences
  Appliquées de Lyon) will come from France to present a talk he calls
  "Security for Java Mobile Code: a pragmatic research view". Here
  you've got the table of content for his 50 minutes talk:

  - The Vision                                              ) 2 min.
  - Java and the OWASP                                      ) 3 min.
  - From static client-server infrastructures
    to dynamic mobile applications                          ) 10 min.
  - From Security to Dependability                          ) 5 min.
  - Security for Java Mobile Code: State of the Art         ) 10 min.
  - Engineering dependable applications: a life cycle view  ) 5 min.
  - Toward a Hardened OSGi Platform - some research work    ) 10 min.
  - Conclusions and perspectives                            ) 5 min.

- - OWASP Top 10 (Demonstration)
  Last but for sure not least we will have a live demonstration of the
  OWASP Top 10 by Hans-Peter Waldegger and Pascal Buchbinder from United
  Security Providers. These two guys have already presented this
  demonstration at the Tweakfest this year and people there enjoyed to
  see this Top 10 in a "real life" example. Stay curious about it.

After the last meeting we had a dinner and I really enjoyed it so I'd
like to do something like this again. This time unfortunately we don't
have a sponsor for this but I think most of the people who attend the
meeting should be able to pay a dinner for themselves. It's not an
official part of the meeting but we will finish it about 19:00 or even
some minutes later and most of the people will probably be hungry then
so at least me I'm going to have dinner somewhere nearby the meeting
room. If you'd like to join me, please register you at
http://www.doodle.ch/dpudEGQtyGGE and I'll look for a good place to have

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As usual, if there are any further questions, don't hesitate to ask me.


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sent by Sven Vetsch / Disenchant


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