[Owasp-switzerland] Summary of the meeting at the 26. April 2007

Sven Vetsch / Disenchant sven.vetsch at disenchant.ch
Sat Apr 28 08:34:19 EDT 2007

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Hi everyone,
for those of you who weren't at the OWASP Switzerland Local Chapter
meeting on the 26. April 2007 and also as a review for the guys who
where there, here's a small summary:

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- - It was the third OWASP Meeting we had here in Switzerland and it was
the first time that we sent out the invitation also to others than the
people on our mailinglist. We where about 20 people at the meeting and
from my point of view this is a great success because after the
Kickoff-Meeting in November 2006 my goal was to have at least 20 people
at the meetings and of course I don't know how many of these people will
now come to every meeting in the future but it shows me, that it's not
that hard to get these 20 people and so I also think that after the
speeches at the Tweakfest and some more invitations our local chapter
really starting to be an event which's worth to join.

- - Once more I gave some new information about the Tweakfest:
We'll give there two speeches, the first one's about OWASP at all so
this will be an overview what it is and so on and this speech will be
done by myself. The second speech is more some kind of show because
Hans-Peter Waldegger and Pascal Buchbinder from United Security
Providers will talk about the OWASP Top 10 and they'll also show what
these vulnerabilities are about and how to prevent them in form of a
live demonstration. I'm really looking forward to the Tweakfest as it is
the first event where we try to show the OWASP to a bigger group of
people here in Switzerland.

- - The highlight of this meeting was of course the talk by Brian Chess
who's the CTO and co-founder of Fortify Software. He talked about risk
metrics, which I think is one of the most important topic in the
security field at all because it's the connection between technical
people like the security pentesters and the management. From my point of
view it was a great talk and as far as I know everyone else enjoyed it too.

- - After this official part, we went to an Italian restaurant nearby the
meeting location and had there some beers as an appetizer and after
that, we get a very good dinner. I really think this was an important
part for all of the attending people because we where able to do some
networking and also just to have a nice talk with people who working
also in the security field or who are very interested in this topic.

Last but not least, special thanks goes to Fortify Software for
sponsoring the dinner and the talk by Brian Chess and of course also to
the Zurich Financial Services for offering the great location.

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Other information:

In the future I'll not cross posting all the information mails also to
the zog.net mailinglist, I'll only send the invitation for the meeting,
so if you want to stay informed about what's going on in the OWASP
Switzerland Local Chapter, please join our mailinglist:
(don't worry, it's not a high traffic ML ;) )

Now I'm looking forward to the Appsec Conference in Milano and hope that
I'll see some of you there or at least see you at the next OWASP Meeting
here in Switzerland.

Wish you all a nice weekend and stay secure :)


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