[Owasp-switzerland] Intro - Alessandro Moretti

Sandro Moretti sandro at moretti.co.uk
Sun Nov 26 11:54:12 EST 2006

Dear Swiss OWASP


My name is Alessandro Moretti, and I am both Swiss and British
(Father/mother). I have been working as a business and IT consultant prior
to my job now, as Global Head of IT security risk assessment for UBS
Investment Bank. But my main interest is to promote and understand  better
application security development. I am quite busy with my work, but I
support the Swiss initiatives, and hope to see people become key
contributors in this field, making this another Swiss export!


As I have access to UBS resources, I can arrange meeting rooms and free
phone conference calls, to support this chapter.


You can contact me either at work Alessandro.moretti at ubs.com or
Sandro.moretti at hispeed.ch





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