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Hi list members,
I've got some news for you.

As those of you which where at the kickoff might remember, Patrick told
us something about an event called Tweakfest (http://www.tweakfest.ch/)
which will taking place in Zurich from 24-26 May 2007. Patrick talked
now to the guy which is responsible for this event and it seems like
he's really interested in get some inputs from the OWASP Switzerland
Local Chapter. Because he'd like to have some basic infos as soon as
possible, we have to discuss this on the mailinglist unfortunately.
Please give your comments and also ask questions if you have some.

Because the OWASP isn't very popular at all in Switzerland yet, this
would be a great chance to promote it and of course our Local Chapter.
For doing that, I think we have at least the following possibilities:

1.) We can hold a presentation about the OWASP, it goals and also what
we're planning to do related to it in Switzerland.

2.) We can hold a technical presentation in which we show the importance
of (web)application security to the folks there and give them some hints
that there exists an OWASP which they can/should join ;)

3.) We can do a workshop, for example on how to use the OWASP tools or
the Firefox extenstions I wrote a mail about after the kickoff.

So, discussion is open for everyone. Me I'm preferring option 1. and of
course if you have an option 4. or 5. please let the others know :)

PS: For me, it should be possible to hold a presentation or doing a
workshop I think. Someone else?


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