[Owasp-switzerland] Introduction

Pierre Parrend pierre.parrend at insa-lyon.fr
Mon Nov 20 05:48:26 EST 2006

 Hello all,

 though not living in Switzerland, I am interested in the activities of the
Owasp Swiss chapter - I am living in Lyon (fr), so it is not so far away.
 I am a PhD student working about security and the OSGi platform. I have
recently begun to be active in the frame of the OWASP Java Project.
 for those who are interested in more details, you can have a look at my home
page (ok, it partly in french, but all resources are in english):
 Relative to meeting, I must own up that coming to Zurich for an informal
meeting is not so easy (just 8 hours of car, and not sure that my boss will pay
me a plane ticket). But if something is going on in Geneva or Lausanne, I will
be pleased to join you.

 I do not speak swiss-german very good, as you can guess. However, I have spent
sufficient time in Germany to get at least the second half of der Züricher

best regards,

Pierre Parrend

Pierre Parrend
Ph.D. Student, Teaching Assistant
INRIA-INSA Lyon, France
pierre.parrend at insa-lyon
web : www.rzo.free.fr

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