[Owasp-switzerland] Introduction [Patrick Grieshaber]

pgr pgr at m4tix.net
Wed Nov 15 12:00:46 EST 2006

My name is Patrick Grieshaber, im living in Switzerland,
nearby Zurich and i'm working in Zug. I am a 19 years young computer
scientist, working for the Siemens Building&Technologies. Actually, at
this time i'm still in training. Some months ago i worked one year as
a system technician in a Microsoft Windows based network – gained some
Linux experience in my spare time. Actually i'm working as an
application developer for the
Siemens HVP, contributing a 30 headed Team of engineer and developer.
The current tasks i have to complete are about using vb.net Framework
v2.0 or C++ based on Linux to create or extend already existing tools.

My knowledge and experience on operating systems is dedicated to:

*Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server

But i must mention that Linux is absolutely my preferred operating
system. I like it because its free, secure, small, fast, comfortable and
very free configurable.
Additional i like the concept of net installation cd's and repair
possibilities like Gentoo allows it.

In my spare time, i develop websites or test new white papers and their
described techniques (eg SQL injection).

You shall find some more information about me on: http://www.m4tix.net/


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