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So, here's my introduction :)

My name is Sven Vetsch and I'm working for a security company called
Dreamlab Technologies Ltd. (http://dreamlab.net/) which you can find in
the capital city of Switzerland; in Berne. In this company I'm doing
many different things like security analyses, auditing and also
consulting services for our customers, but my main interest is in the
topic of webapplication security where I'm doing research and playing
around with all that kind of stuff for about three years now in a very
intensive way and at the same time it's also one of my hobbies.
So, now I also should answer the standard question: "Why did you join
the OWASP?" The answer is quiet simple, because for my it was important
to find some other people which are also interested in webapp security
and so I found my way to the OWASP. After that, I read the guide and
started to have a look at the projects because at least since I'm doing
professional webapplication security audits, it's very important for my
to have some tools and with tools I don't think only about the
applications like Webscarab and so on, I also learned how I can use all
the information in the guide and the other "paper stuff" for my daily
work and so the OWASP became very important to me.

So, if you have some future questions about me or the OWASP Switzerland
Local Chapter, don't hesitate to ask me or you can also visit my Blog at
www.disenchant.ch for getting some more information.


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