[Owasp-switzerland] Next Steps

Victor Fieldhouse vfieldhouse at pobox.com
Tue Nov 14 15:05:19 EST 2006

Thanks Sven (and Sandro) for taking the initiative on the last meeting and 
breathing new life into the swiss chapter.

My intro is still at 
This should also be a warning to others that the OWASP mail archive is online.

At the meeting I promised to provide links to a couple of security-related 
lists in the Zurich area ...


A mailing list for Swiss IT security professionals.
The goal of this list is to create an open forum for IT security staff and 
consultants in and around Switzerland, to meet and discuss issues relevant 
to the field.
Please feel free to share this URL with anyone working in information 
security, or simply interested in IT security-related topics.
ZISC: https://lists.inf.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/zisc-announcements
This is a moderated, low-traffic mailing list for announcements related to 
the Zurich Information Security Center (ZISC).
The mailing list's main purpose is to inform its subscribers about upcoming 
events such as talks in a timely manner
The ZISC event program is at 

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