[OWASP-Switzerland] Introduction

Antonio Fontes saphyr at infomaniak.ch
Wed Mar 30 16:17:10 EST 2005

Hi everyone, 

I am Antonio Fontes, freelancer in communication & information
management. Web-based information security is among my priority 
channels and I am convinced that a lot of risk-taking occurs during
application development processes. 

I regularly try to apply the OWASP methodology in my consultancy
projects as in my own ones (I currently work on an corporate blog
engine in Dotnet, if someone wants to see, just ask).

I am based in Geneva and I speak mainly english & french, but also 
german when it gets really compulsory ;) I guess that, as many of you
seem to be living on the german part, the meeting wouldn't happen 
near Geneva so I'd propose to meet in Bern.

See you all, soon maybe!

Antonio Fontes
Communication & Information management


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