[OWASP-Switzerland] Welcome to the OWASP Switzerland Chapter

Adrian Wiesmann adrian.wiesmann at owasp.org
Tue Mar 29 08:02:35 EST 2005

Hello all

(This email is kept in english. Further mails could be in german when we
can be sure that every subscriber can understand the german language.)

Now that we are a few more I will try this again:

Please let me introduce myself. I am Adrian, working currently as
a Software Developer in Berne. Before that employment I was working as
CSO, Software Architect and as a Security Consultant. At OWASP I am one of
Editors for the Guide v2 and I am running this chapter.

Please everybody just drop a quick note of introduction as well. We will
then move on to find a date and place for a first chapter meeting. Ideas
and suggestions for locations and dates are welcome.


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