[Owasp-summit-2013] Organizing Your Food court

Patty Monges patty at crowdfood.com
Wed Nov 22 13:15:06 UTC 2017

I think our company could be a valuable resource to you.

We coordinate/manage food vendors for events all around the country, and
could either compliment with just a few vendors or organize everything.

We could potentially even *pay you* registration fees or a commission of
all food vendor sales, as well as organize all permits, insurance and other
necessary paperwork.

Here is my contact info:
CrowdFood <http://www.crowdfood.com/>
p: (310) 254-7674
w: crowdfood.com
e: team at crowdfood.com <dn at crowdfood.com>

In case you want to know more-

Here are a few key things about what we do:

-Curate & coordinate gourmet food vendors across America.

-Handle all vendor management, logistics and compliance.

-Pay event producers a commission of food/bev sales.

We curate food vendors for all kinds of events/venues from small 5k runs to
massive festivals. We do all of the work involved with curating a food
court, including booking, management, mapping, compliance, and collections.

Here is our deck -https://docsend.com/view/eftmyxn

We will be your single point of contact for all food services and can
accommodate any requests you have. We have worked with events from 50
people to 750,000 people and are very confident we will create an
outstanding food experience. All of this costs you absolutely nothing.


Team CrowdFood

Patty Monges
Customer Outreach Manager CrowdFood <http://www.crowdfood.com/>
p: (310) 7095897 <%28213%29%20247-2447>
w: crowdfood.com
e: patty at crowdfood.com
<https://www.facebook.com/crowdfood/>  <https://twitter.com/crowdfood>

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