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Summit11 Team,


Will the OWASP Summit 2011 be an event internally targeted? Planned to be a
meeting of committed OWASP people to exclusively deal with OWASP internals?
If not, would it make sense for us if we shared Michael Coates’ approach and
thought about inviting those players as well? We could have an opportunity
to further discuss any issue opened and not closed in DC and simultaneously
their Summit’s participation could enrich our working sessions.


That’s my 2 cents. If this issue has been raised before by someone else, as
I am under the impression of, I apologise.




Paulo Coimbra,

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 I was curious if we are contacting key organizations and inviting them to
OWASP DC.  I'm thinking that we should take a look at the major companies
that could either heavily leverage OWASP resources or make dramatic impacts
on the security landscape.


Not only should we make them aware of the conference, but I  think we should
take it a step further and pay the expenses for a representative from these
companies to attend.  In many cases OWASP will take off within a company if
you just get the right persons attention.


Its great to preach to the security choir, but we really need to get other
big players involved.


Here are some people that I think should be at our OWASP conferences:

Framework Designers


Major Development Companies




Michael Coates




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