[Owasp-Summit-2011] Summit Event Corporate Sponsorship Ideas

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Thu Nov 11 10:34:50 EST 2010


A few ideas I came up with for corporate sponsorship models:

   - Internet Access Sponsorship
      - Cost: TBD (still need to get costs from venue; could be done per
      - Sponsorship Visibility: Sponsor's logo/message would appear on
      captive portal page for venue Wifi access
      - Prerequisites: Need to coordinate with a technical representative
      from venue to see if this is possible
   - Breakout Room Sponsorship
      - Cost: $1500 /per room
      - Sponsorship Visibility: Sponsor's logo/name will be posted at the
      entrance to the room. Sponsor's name will be used to refer to
breakout room
      (e.g. "The Google Room")
      - Prerequisites: None
   - A/V Sponsorship
      - Cost: $14,000 /per projector (still need to try work with venue and
      get this cost lower; min 1, max 5)
      - Sponsorship Visibility: Sponsor's logo/name would appear in a bar
      line underneath projected shows (think like widescreen bars)
whenever their
      projector is being used
      - Prerequisites: Verify technical capability of host computer to
      subdivide display in this manner
   - Villa Sponsorship
      - Cost: Variable (based on specific villa)
      - Sponsorship Visibility: Sponsor's logo/name would be posted at the
      entrance to the villa. Sponsor's could request that certain
individuals be
      assigned to their house (I would personally like to see Google
request the
      Microsoft representative be assigned to their house ;-))
      - Prerequisites: None
   - Happy Hour Sponsorship
      - Cost: Variable (depending on open bar vs. fixed drink)
      - Sponsorship Visibility: Sponsor's name would be associated with the
      Happy Hour
      - Prerequisites: Confirm with venue the ability to setup billing
      structure for either open bar or fixed drink arrangements

I don't think we can do "sponsored lunches" or "coffee breaks sponsored
by..." because the quoted rates for accommodations include the food. As a
result, it would be difficult to capture and extract the cost of a coffee
break or a lunch.

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