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Distilling this down, it looks like just 2 documents need to be worked on -
2 and 4 as per the prior posting.

As part of this process, I recommend reading and assessing the "OWASP Top
Ten is really the OWASP Top 6.5" post at http://secureme.blogspot.com/ (get
past the humour for the meat of the post), then think about the outcomes we
want people/testers to achieve.

Input validation issues, in all its guises and impacts (SQL injection, XSS,
parameter abuse, query abuse, buffer overflows etc)
Error handling
Denial of service (network, http, app and custom code 'levels')
Authentication and Session management
Configuration management (not really a pen-test thing, imho)

I think we need to discuss way to test at the different app layers i.e.
Infrastrcture (network, switches, firewalls, storage etc) Http, App Server
layer, custom-code layer, then database layer
In LAMP/OSS terms, this might mean different techniques of testing and
result analysis aimed at the following:

Iptables, Snort etc
Apache HTTPD
Custom code

Of course, this list above is useless if the architecture is based on
different products, but I hope you can get the drift.

I'm happier as a reviewer/critique-er of any output from this exercise, but
will can contribute what wording and ideas along the way that I can.


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Hello all,

   I think that this is a great project and something that we have talked
about for a while in the OWASP-Washington chapter.  The Top Ten should not
be referenced by other standards like the PCI Standards and the best way to
convince the PCI people is to come up with a better document.

   That being said, I think that there should be some clarification what
this Standard is going to address.  In my opinion, OWASP has (or should
have) essentially four different but related projects in this

1. A document on how to build secure web applications (we already have that
in the OWASP Guide).  Target audience: developers

2. A document with suggested requirements for sourcing web application
development (and corresponding test plans for those requirements). This
would be essentially a distillation of the Guide to just include _what_ to
do, but not _how_ to do it.  This seems to be what Mike is going for with
the OWASP Standards project and I think that this is an important project,
but not what the PCI standard should reference.  I think these requirements
would be fairly easy to pull out of the Guide and it makes sense for a
direct correspondence between them and the Guide.  Target audience: managers
who are contracting for web application development

3. A document on how to do a web application penetration test.  The OWASP
testing project seems to be going in that direction, but it doesn't seem to
be going anywhere - Part Two was supposed to provide this in detail.  Target
audience: web application penetration testers / security auditors

4. A document on what should be tested on a completed web application.  I
think that this is what the PCI standard should reference.  This document
could perhaps be distilled from the testing project.  The Testing checklist
and Part One of the testing project provide some of this, but it doesn't
look complete to me.  Target audience: managers who are contracting for a
security audit (and other documents like the PCI standard)

   I guess the difference here is that the PCI standard should not depend on
the existence of requirements or the adherence to a particular development
methodology.  It should basically assume that the auditor/tester is coming
in at the end of the process when the application is already built and now
wants to look for security issues.  It would include traditional black box
testing, but also source code review, etc.

   I also think that this standards (2 and 4) should not be specific to the
PCI, but could be used in any web application.

   What do you all think?


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