[Owasp-spanish] Fw: Final Touches to OWASP site traslated to Spanish

Juan C Calderon johnccr en yahoo.com
Dom Ago 31 20:18:53 EDT 2008

Hola equipo

Paulo just FYI, look below

Felicitaciones por parte de la dirección de OWASP :) vamos muy bien y va a ser un esfuerzo grandioso una vez que hayamos terminado la guía, echenle ganas :D

Juan Carlos

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This is a fantastic achievement! I'd like to thank you for taking on this
project and getting it done. Please pass on how impressed the board is with
this work to your team!


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Subject: Final Touches to OWASP site traslated to Spanish

Hola Larry

We are almost there with the OWASP site Translation, All the release level
projects were translated and I have deployed 80% of the project pages at
release level in OWASP.org site by now.

I need your help one more time, though. Please add the following line after
the polyglot extension inclusion at LocalSettings.php:
$wfPolyglotExcemptNamespaces = array(NS_TEMPLATE, NS_IMAGE, NS_MEDIA,

This change is necessary in order to all the pages to be diplayed correctly
as currently all the category pages are not automatically redirected.

Finally, I also need you modify all the templates in the attached zip file
with the content I am sending you (since I don't have access to them), all
should exist, but some are missing the ":" like MediaWiki_Toc.txt, you
should use Mediawiki:Toc to reference the actual document.

Please let me know when these modifications were done, so I can check all
contents are displayed correctly in Spanish.

Regards, let me know if you need anything from me Juan Carlos


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