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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com
Thu Apr 28 14:48:30 EDT 2005


Can you create es.owasp.org?  And I guess point it to www.owasp.org/es? 
Does that work for everyone?


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Subject: RE: [owasp-spanish] Re: About owasp.latam.org

Having a subdomaing would be just great, but my proposal is es.owasp.org, 
since from the beginning this is effort was focused on all spanish spoken 
people. latam could be felt as excluyent for people from Spain.

Juan Carlos

PD I'm from mexico, if you wonder

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Subject: Re: [owasp-spanish] Re: About owasp.latam.org

I think we can arrange that.  I'll talk to Larry (the OWASP sysadmin) about
it when he gets back.  How do most sites handle this?  I thought the
convention was something like www.owasp.org/cc   where cc is the country
code.  But a separate domain name with a redirect is easy.

We can set up folks with an account on the portal that will give them the
ability to edit/add/reorganize the Spanish content.  I'll leave it up to you
all to decide how you want to assign these accounts.



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Subject: Re: [owasp-spanish] Re: About owasp.latam.org

> Is it possible to just create a shorter url, like a subdomain or url
> forwarder. I'm thinking here about using a latam.owasp.org or similar for
> marketing purposes.
> How do we post information to this site too?
> Thanks,
> Rogelio Morrell C.
>> Hi Rogelio,
>> Sorry for the delayed response.  I'm still cleaning up messages I missed
>> while at the OWASP conference in England.  I definitely want to support
>> the international OWASP community.  Is there any way we can do this using
>> the current OWASP portal infrastructure?  Currently, we've got the
>> http://www.owasp.org/international/esp.html section set up, and you can
>> create an entire site under that section.  I'd be more than happy to see
>> that evolve in any way you all think is appropriate.
>> --Jeff
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>>   Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 9:23 PM
>>   Subject: About owasp.latam.org
>>   Hi Jeff,
>>   Recently, we (owasp-spanish) have discussed the idea of creating a
>> subdomain for the Latinamerica and Spain region. We are thinking of
>> creating owasp.latam.org.
>>   Juan Calderon did tell us about past conversations with Mark Curphey
>> and
>> he was very firm about that all content needs to be inside
>> www.owasp.org.
>>   I think that by having a personalized area for Latinamerica, we could
>> approach more people and post articles in their language, those creating
>> a larger community.
>>   Best Regards,
>>   Rogelio Morrell C.
>>   Ecyware

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