[owasp-spanish] RE: [Owasp-topten] Web App Pen Test Checklist Spanish Translation effort

Rogelio Morrell C. rogelioc at ecyware.com
Tue Sep 7 19:05:35 EDT 2004

This one for me.

Section III (6 Pages)
Apendix A - OASIS WAS Vulnerability Types Index

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ok then

So We have Raul, Rogelio and Pedro ready to start translating the Checklist,
please pick you section to translate according to the list below, all
section are 6 pages long. 

I guess 3 weeks are enough to translate the whole document but is up to you.
It would be 3 pages per week and 1 more for review. Or perhaps 4 weeks, 2
pages per week and 1 to final review, you choose. We can even select the
first schedule and in any of you finish before can help the others.

This time I'm not being part of the translation since I will take vacations
next week because of my new baby. so please choose your due date at your
convenience and let me know. so I can plan the next translation.

-Juan C Calderon

PD please subscribe to owasp spanish list if you have not :)

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Hello All

By now, I can tell I will be sending the Top Ten document for technical
review this week and will be releasing it officially as soon I get it back
from editor.

We can now start working on Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist,
so far we have the Vision Diagram already translated by Raul Mateos (thanks
for that) However I have had no news from Rafael and Raul about what part
they decided to take or how they divided the checklist, so Raul and Rafael,
please shout!

To start the new effort on Pent Test Checklist I'm proposing to divide the
checklist into 3 sections 6 pages each, (se layout below) what do you think?

Section I (6 pages)
	Pen Test Checklist
	Using this checklist as ...
	About OWASP Testing Project
	The OASIS WAS Standard
	Penetration testing Workflow (one page less because of workflow
already translated)

Section II (6 Pages)
Checklist (it self)

Section III (6 Pages)
Apendix A - OASIS WAS Vulnerability Types

If it's ok please choose one and propose a delivery date for it, for Top ten
we translate 3 pages per week, so perhaps we can deliver this document to
Tech Editor the week of September 6.

Thank you for your effort so far Rogelio and Pedro. :)

-Juan Carlos

PS, Jeff I don't now if we have to switch to
owasp-testing at lists.sourceforge.net mailing list while translating it

Juan C Calderon
Sr Application Security Auditor

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