[OWASP-South Africa] [OT] Coursework Infosec MSc @ Rhodes University

Barry Irwin bvi at moria.org
Wed Aug 19 12:28:21 UTC 2015

Afternoon All

A number of folk have  queried me over the last two years as to what’s
happening with the Infosec focussed MSc course at Rhodes University.
I'm glad to announce that after a two year hiatus while we cleared the
pipeline,  applications are now open for the 2016/2017 class. I'm hoping
that the OWASP list is an appropriate audience to spread the word.

More details and the forms and application instructions can be found at:

Applications close 28 September, with acceptance notification out by the
end of October.

Any queries should be sent to csinfosec at ru.ac.za


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