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Wed Oct 8 16:55:19 UTC 2014

Anyone want to present in Asia? Probably not but if you do, here is your

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Subject: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP Asia Tour - CFP - Call for speakers - please
share with your chapters - deadline Oct-12!
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  Dear OWASP leaders and community members,

  we like to invite you to the *OWASP Asia Tour 2014
<https://www.owasp.org/index.php/AsiaTour2014> from Oct-20 til begin of
December. *

 As with our tours in Latam and Europe, the goal of the OWASP Asia tour is
to improve cooperation and promote OWASP across the region. If you are in
Asia or know a great speaker for one or more of our events in Asia, please
let me know ASAP.

  The events will be:

   - October 20: Harbin, China
    - October 22: Wuhan, China
    - October 25: ChengDu, China
   - Hong Kong: Oct-31 / Nov-1 (specific day TBC)
   - November 4: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    - November 7: Singapore, Singapore
    - November 29: Tokyo, Japan
    - December 5: Seoul, Korea (plus one or two day training in 3-4
   - December 11: Bangkok, Thailand
   - Indonesia ???

 *We are looking for speakers and trainers from the Security community to
share their experience and knowledge with our audience.*

  We look forward to talk and training submissions over the coming
week *(**deadline
**Oct-12)* from security practitioners, researchers, thought leaders and
developers in the following content areas:

   - Mobile Security
   - OWASP Projects
   - Software/Application Security Defence (Defence & Countermeasures)
   - Software/Application Security Offense (Vulnerabilities & Exploits)
   - Web and Mobile Application Security
   - Cryptography
   - Critical Infrastructure Security
   - Enterprise End to End Security
   - Government Initiatives & Government Case Studies
   - Effective case studies in Policy, Governance, Architecture or Life

As with past OWASP tours, we have a small limited budget to help with
regional speaker travel. It is not much, but could accommodate a short
flight or hotel accommodation. Of course, if you could finance the travel
through other means that would be even better. ;-)

 Should you be interested please contact myself, Laura or directly the
leader of the chapter you would like to visit for your guest talk.

Please provide your name, contact details, the topic and a short abstract
of the talk you like to propose.

 *Tobias Gondrom*
 OWASP Global Board Member
email: tobias.gondrom at owasp.org


Laura Grau

*Global Conference Manager *
*OWASP Foundation*
*laura.grau at owasp.org* <laura.grau at owasp.org>

Please share this among all your OWASP chapters in Asia and interested
great speakers.

Thanks a lot.


Tobias Gondrom
OWASP Global Board Member
OWASP CISO Survey Project Lead
email: tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
mobile: +852 56002975
mobile: +44 7521003005
skype: tgondrom
twitter: @tgondrom

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Kind Regards,
Brett Russell
OWASP South Africa Chapter Leader
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