[OWASP-South Africa] Call For Developers

Dash Shendy admin at dash.za.net
Wed Jun 22 16:11:52 EDT 2011

Hi List,

I have an Open Source MVC Framework in PHP
(http://freshmeat.net/projects/scms/) and I am looking for additional

Some skills you will require:

    * PHP, HTML, CSS & Javascript
    * Understanding of MVC Design Pattern
    * Secure coding practices
    * Familiarity with OWASP Top 10

Other that you need some free time of course, as well as your love for
Open Source ;)

Anyone interested is welcome to contact me on/off the list.

Hacker Emblem <http://catb.org/hacker-emblem/> *Dash Shendy*
Security Analyst/Consultant
URL : http://dash.za.net/
SMTP: admin at dash.za.net <mailto:admin at dash.za.net>
VOIP: dashula2006 <skype:dashula2006>
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