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Stephan Buys owasp at stephanbuys.com
Wed Mar 24 09:28:00 EDT 2010

Thanks for all the replies so far, I am struck by the geographic diversity
though - it makes it quite challenging when trying to organise something
more formal. OWASP seems to promote regular meetings in stable locations,
this mailing list can perhaps underpin more focused get-togethers.

Judging by the replies it seems that the usual suspects are aware of this
list - which is a start.

* Lets take this up a notch, if you had to add your 2 cents, where would you
say we start?

I have contacted Kate Hartmann to find out if anyone ever registered as a
chapter leader and to answer the question of how many members this list

OWASP deals a lot of education and awareness, judging by the friends that
replied I am sure a good outreach to large enterprises and dev-shops can be

Thanks again for the replies!
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