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daniel cuthbert daniel.cuthbert at owasp.org
Tue Mar 23 04:08:53 EDT 2010

Working for Corsaire, fiddling and touching and breaking and heading up the
training side of things.
Been involved with OWASP since the early days and responsible for the
Testing Guide and now looking after OWASP for Charities.

I reckon there is a big need for OWASP South Africa and indeed Africa,
considering how small the security industry is here.

On 23 March 2010 09:29, Rogan Dawes <lists at dawes.za.net> wrote:

> On 2010/03/23 8:45 AM, Stephan Buys wrote:
> > Hi fellow list members,
> >
> > It seems that this list has been dormant for quite a while, this is an
> > attempt to try and resuscitate it.
> >
> > If you believe that there is a place for an active OWASP chapter in
> > South Africa, please reply to this mail and let me know who you are. I
> > believe that OWASP has a positive role to play and would like to help
> > create a vibrant, active chapter in South Africa if anyone else is
> > interested.
> >
> > Kind regards,
> > Stephan Buys
> > twitter.com/stephanbuys <http://twitter.com/stephanbuys>
> Hi all,
> I am Rogan Dawes, and my history with OWASP goes back to the start of
> the WebScarab project, when it was supposed to be an all singing, all
> dancing solution, but later changed to what we have now.
> I'm a security consultant, working for Corsaire in the UK, but based in
> JHB. I focus on web apps mainly, but also do infrastructure work.
> Rogan
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