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Elvis Ademba elvis.ademba at bluespaceconsulting.co.za
Tue Mar 23 03:03:57 EDT 2010

We need to have an Active Chapter.  I suggest we generate content (blogs,
articles, talks etc) to generate interest and keep members active. In other
words to create a compelling VALUE PROPOSITION.
I am ready to be involved to create a value proposition for members.

Kind Regards,

Elvis Ademba 
IT Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance | Blue Space Consulting Services
email: elvis.ademba at bluespaceconsulting.co.za | Mobile: +27 76 101 2428

From: Stephan Buys <owasp at stephanbuys.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2010 08:45:13 +0200
To: <owasp-southafrica at lists.owasp.org>
Subject: [Owasp-southafrica] OWASP South Africa

Hi fellow list members,

It seems that this list has been dormant for quite a while, this is an
attempt to try and resuscitate it.

If you believe that there is a place for an active OWASP chapter in South
Africa, please reply to this mail and let me know who you are. I believe
that OWASP has a positive role to play and would like to help create a
vibrant, active chapter in South Africa if anyone else is interested.

Kind regards,
Stephan Buys
twitter.com/stephanbuys <http://twitter.com/stephanbuys>

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