[OWASP-South Africa] Call for presenter(s)

Stephan Buys owasp at stephanbuys.com
Wed Sep 1 07:36:26 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

Although the wheel turns really slowly we seem to have progress for a possible meeting, but before we can finalise the arrangements I need to check whether anyone in the community would be willing to present some content.

The initial plan was to find a group of developers and present the OWASP top 10 or SANS top 25 to them, we have a possible audience now and a willing host. The topic is not set in stone, it could even be: "3 creepy XSS demos". The audience will mostly be developers and they need to understand why AppSec matters (hopefully they already do).

If you have some presentation foo, and want to volunteer (even if it's just some ideas or suggestions) please contact us - we would really like to hear from you :-)

Keep well and enjoy spring day,


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