[OWASP-South Africa] Applied MSC in Infosec - Call for interested Parties

Barry Irwin bvi at moria.org
Wed Jun 16 08:50:01 EDT 2010

[Apologies in advance for the slightly offtopic post, but I'm trying to
reach as wide an audience of ZA infosec folk as possible - Barry ]

Afternoon All

We (Rhodes CS Department) are looking at launching a  Part Time MSc in
CS next year focussing on Information Security.  As part of the process,
we need to do some market research.

If the Idea tickles anyone's fancy, please take 5 minutes to fill out
the survey at:


This survey is intended to asses the level of interest relating to a new
degree offering starting in 2011. The degree to potentially be offered
is a Masters in Applied Computer Science - Focusing on Information
Security. The degree will consist of a combination of Coursework Modules
and a Research project and will be run by the Department of Computer
Science at Rhodes University.

The intended target for the Degree programme is individuals working
within the information security field. These individuals should ideally
have at least 2-3 years working in information security or associated
fields. While primarily targeted at individuals within South Africa,
others may be interested, particularly in the one year full time option.

This Survey is for information gathering purposes. Based on the feedback
received form this and other market studies, a final feasibility
decision will be made. If you wish to be kept informed of the status of
the offering, please complete your contact details at the end of the survey.

This Survey can be completed anonymously, but it would help with the
research to have 'real bodies' behind the responses.

Feedback would be appreciated. If you are aware of any other
individuals, who may be interested, please forward this message on.

Any Questions/Queries can be sent to b.irwin at ru.ac.za


Barry Irwin <bvi at moria.org>
Hacker and Packet Herder

Barry Irwin <bvi at moria.org>
Hacker and Packet Herder

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