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Stephan Buys owasp at stephanbuys.com
Fri Mar 26 02:22:48 EDT 2010

It seems that CT and JHB (yes, PTA folks - we acknowledge your protests)
seem to have the most interest. Unless someone has access to a tele-presence
centre its probably safe to say that we would need to organise separate
events for these major centres.

Gauteng people, having participated in user groups before I know that people
dont always like to travel between the 2 major cities. Would it be possibly
to arrange an inaugural/"i want to help" meetup in the middle somewhere?
Midrand/Centurion? Lots of InfoSec people based in Centurion. I live in JHB,
work in PTA and am willing to travel.

After polling a couple of developers it seems OWASP awareness is very low
where it counts.

Thanks again for all the responses!
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