[Owasp-southafrica] credit card information sent over http

Lindsay van Eden lindsay.vaneden at absa.co.za
Wed Aug 20 07:35:06 EDT 2008

I guess what annoys me is how clients turn to their vendors/service
providers for guidance and solutions.

Mailing credit card information in clear text = fail!
Mailing credit card information in clear text to an insecure portal = fail!
The look on the clients face when mastercard/visa pull their merchant
licence = priceless.  :D

Sorry, I couldn't resist that one..

The client and SP have been notified.
Will be dropping a mail to mastercard and visa should nothing be done by EOD
today.  Surely more then enough time?

Or am I being too harsh?

On 2008/08/20 1:26 PM, "Alastair "Bell" Turner" <aturner at khulisa.com> wrote:

> I don't think that holding a service provider accountable for a client's
> bad decisions on what could be sent via a web for is entirely
> reasonable. I think that there should be some mention of this in hosting
> T&Cs though, to give some recourse in situations like this. It shouldn't
> be too difficult to do some basic checks in the form mailer code to
> check up.
> As I said before I would strongly suspect that the SP contributed to the
> situation by trying to sell an over-complicated and therefore overpriced
> solution to what could be a simple problem. There are a lot of very
> difficult problems in information security, but there are also some
> relatively simple ones. Making them all seem complex and bundling hordes
> of other services with them makes security more difficult to sell when
> it's actually necessary and makes it more difficult for clients to make
> secure decisions. And if the clients aren't making secure decisions then
> everyone potentially suffers.
> Not having spotted that one of their servers had been defaced was a
> horrible failing on DataPro's part. A brief look doesn't seem to
> indicate that it's serving any malware at least.
> On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 12:39 +0200, Lindsay van Eden wrote:
>> Well, after mentioning it very nicely to the client (Barnyard Theatre) by
>> Wimpie, with a follow up call this morning, would have thought they as the
>> client would have come down a bit harder on DataPro, being the service
>> provider.
>> For the non technical savvy individual purchasing a service or solution from
>> a provider, as they often do not know any better, have to trust in their
>> SP's offerings.  I personally feel DataPro should be help accountable for
>> this.  
>> Looking at their site, they offer all sorts of security services, such as
>> VPN's, Firewalls, hosting etc etc.
>> Makes you wonder if their staff have any idea what they're doing.
>> Nevermind the genius that came up with the idea of mailing the credit card
>> information to DataPro in clear text.
>> That individual should just be dragged into the street, tarred and
>> feathered!!  :D
>> I did however take it upon myself to drop the MD a mail re: their hosting of
>> a hacked site.
>> Let's see shall we... ?  :D
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