[Owasp-slovakia] OWASP 2008 USA, NYC - travelling from Slovakia

Pavol Luptak pavol.luptak at nethemba.com
Sun Jun 29 16:18:49 EDT 2008

Firstly, welcome in OWASP Slovakia chapter mailing list!

This is the first official mail. 
I decided to persist in using English as official language for OWASP Slovak
Local Chapter mailing list. The reason is to be open to all people around 
the world (and mainly to people from other OWASP chapters) and allow them to 
contribute if they are willing to.
But, if you are not sure of your English, do not hesitate to use Slovak.

I would like to make a big promo of the OWASP conference that takes place 
in New York on September 22nd-25th:

This should be the largest APPSEC conference in the world with the greatest
speakers (see lineup).

One month ago I visited the OWASP security conference in Ghent/Belgium
and for me it was really great experience.

I seriously consider to visit NYC for that week (22-27.9) (and get to the US
for my first time :-)

So if you decide to attend this conference, let me know - if you still do 
not have american visas (like me), I think I can provide you (through OWASP) 
special "attendance letter" that should facilitate issuing your visas.


----- Forwarded message from Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> -----

This is an *ALERT* concerning the OWASP 2008, USA NYC event happening on
September 22nd - 25th in NYC. We are already hearing that hotels are
becoming scarce so BOOK EARLY! The event will be the largest APPSEC focused
conference worldwide with you fellow peer speakers and training being
offered. This event will also have a capture the flag event with fame and
fortune... Hmmm.. ok maybe just prizes and cold brew but you'll have fun ;)
- don't miss this one!
Updated agenda:

Contacting OWASP 

On behalf of OWASP and our associates WASC, NYM InfraGard, AITGlobal, NYC
PHP, NYCBUG, ISACA, ISSA and Pace University thank you for your support.

Tom Brennan
OWASP Foundation - Board Member
973-795-1046 x112

----- End forwarded message -----


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