[Owasp-singapore] Singapore's 1st Cyber Security Awareness Day - A Nation-wide Call-to-Action (Call for Pledges)

Wong Onn Chee ocwong at usa.net
Wed Mar 9 08:39:30 EST 2011

Hi folks,

I will like to invite all of you to support this IDA's worthy movement
by asking your family and your colleagues/organisations to pledge their
support online.

Your organisation may pledge your support for free as an organisation
via the form below while individualsmay pledge via Facebook @
http://www.facebook.com/gosafeonline <http://www.facebook.com/gosafeonline>

Do support this worthy cause for infosec.
Thank you for your support!

Onn Chee


* *

*Singapore’s 1^st Cyber Security Awareness Day*

Singapore’s 1^st Cyber Security Awareness Day will be launched on 13
April 2011, in conjunction with the Information Security Seminar 2011
(13 – 14 April 2011), jointly organised by the Infocomm Development
Authority of Singapore (IDA), Association of Information Security
Professionals (AISP) and Cyber Security Awareness Alliance (Alliance).
While various awareness outreach efforts are carried out throughout the
year, the Awareness Day will serve as a nation-wide call-to-action to
take personal responsibility to “Go safe online”.

The target is to draw at least 200,000 users to “pledge” to change their
passwords to a strong password on the Awareness Day. For the build-up,
we are reaching out to the public, private and people sectors to raise
awareness and obtain their pledges. In addition, objective of the
Awareness Day and relevant security messages will be published on
traditional prints and online media to heighten the importance of cyber
security leading to the launch of the Awareness Day.

As users of infocomm technologies, we hope that you will respond to the
call-to-action on Cyber Security Awareness Day, by submitting your
pledge to the Alliance secretariat (i.e. cordelia_chee at ida.gov.sg
<mailto:cordelia_chee at ida.gov.sg>via the pledge form) by _18 March
2011_. Your assistance is also sought to help to spread the message and
encourage your business associates, family and friends to respond to the

As infocomm becomes increasingly pervasive, it is imperative to raise
the awareness and adoption of essential cyber security practices among
users. Well-informed users will not only keep personal / organisation
assets and information secure but will also help to improve the overall
security of cyberspace. We look forward to your favourable reply. Thank you.

IDAfull (colour) high res.jpgAISP_logo.jpgGSO logo FA.jpg

*Cyber Security Awareness Day - Pledge Form*

Name of Organisation:


No. of Pledges:

Name of Contact Person:


Contact Number:

Organisation Address:

_Possible actions that your organisation can take on Cyber Security
Awareness Day:_

a. Educate on the importance of a strong password and encourage a change
in password
b. Enforce strong password checks at password creation/change
c. Enforce regular password change (e.g. every 90 days)

Note: A strong password is at least 8 characters in length, consisting
of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Example of a
strong password: T5rk*23G, a weak password: apple22.


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