[Owasp-singapore] 7th Banking & Finance Technology Forum Asia 2011

Wong Onn Chee ocwong at usa.net
Mon Jan 10 18:37:34 EST 2011

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The 7th Banking and Finance Technology Forum Asia
9 March 2011 | Singapore
Banking and Finance Technology Forum Asia Pacific 2011 offers unique
opportunities to develop long term business partnerships and showcase
your organization's talent and expertise within the market. The
conference attracts the most active players in the market, giving you
the opportunity to strengthen your market share, increase corporate
profile and achieve business growth.

The 7th Banking and Finance Technology Forum will focus on the broader
aspect of innovations and technologies made available to investment and
retail banks, insurance companies, and asset management firms, trading
companies and securities firms within the Asia Pacific region.

It has always been an issue for the banking and financial sectors to
manage growth and profitability while adapting to the erratic conditions
of the economy. The ever-changing atmosphere in the technology sector
always tests the security measures available, mobility, and flexibility.

Euro Events proud to present the 7th run of the Banking and Finance
Technology Forum Asia Pacific and hopes to share the following to the

    * *LEARN* the cutting-edge strategies for risk measurement and
      management in the Banking and Finance Technology arena
    * *GET AHEAD* of the challenges facing the Banking and Finance
      Technology evangelists and experts
    * *GAIN* perspective from real case studies on best practice and
      strategy in Banking and Finance Technology
    * *DISCUSS* emergent trends in the industry and crystal ball gaze
      into the future
    * *GET* the scoop on the latest products, meet with clients and drum
      up new business with valuable leads

This conference is tailored specifically for CIOs, CTOs, heads and
managers of IT who are responsible for:

    * Corporate Strategy & Planning
    * E-Commerce Strategic Planning
    * Management Information Systems
    * Internet Strategy & Solutions
    * Knowledge Management
    * Application Development


    * Enterprise Network & Architects
    * Strategic Technologies
    * Risk Management / Compliance
    * IT Outsourcing
    * Info-Security

Kindly CONTACT US for more details:
*Phone:* +65 6325 1788 	*Email:* sponsorship at euro-events.com
<mailto:sponsorship at euro-events.com>

Euro Events is the leading conference organizer and event management
company in Asia. We pride ourselves in offering highly professional and
creative international events and high standard management service. We
specialize in Capital Markets, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Asset
Management, Operation Technology, Information Technology,
Telecommunications, Risk Management and Human Resources Management.

With local offices established in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore and
partners throughout Asia Pacific, Euro Events is dedicated to serve all
our clients' needs.

Euro Events services consist of two main categories namely hosting
proprietary conferences and managing clients' events. With experienced
and dedicated staff specializing in several industries, Euro Events
manage from conceptualization to execution of your events needs.

Supporting Organization 	Organized By
<http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Singapore> 	<http://www.euro-events.com>


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