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Subject: 	[Owasp-leaders] OWASP Project - AppSensor - Elevator Pitch
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I found out that many active OWASP'ers are not aware of other very
active OWASP projects (myself included).  So here is an elevator pitch
for my very active project. I encourage other active projects to do the

*OWASP AppSensor*
Would you know if you application is under attack? If it was, could you
stop the attacker? The AppSensor project builds an automatic detection
and prevention system into the application itself. The goal is to
identify a malicious attacker through detection points and eliminate
them before they can find and exploit a vulnerability in your app.

This project is making tons of progress and already supports ESAPI
integration or stand-alone use.

*Presentation from OWASP AppSecUSA*

*Project Website*

*Project Mailing list*

Michael Coates

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