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Hi Andrew

I gather you were replying to Donald right ?


You can find the Cyber-ark white papers here: http://www.cyber-ark.com/constants/white-papers.asp

Depending on the platforms that you intend to the deploy it there have been times during the deployment – the passwords went out of sync (wintel/unix), which was a bit of a nightmare for us, performance is not very satisfactory – its slow for our administrators  to raise request.

Our intended/current deployment apart from the standard privilege IDs from our Wintel/Unix environment and also for any passwords (it could be application privilege IDs, macros for critical spreadsheets, etc) that are currently under ‘dual’ control (typically that means for us a split password in an envelope)- we’d probably create separate vaults for these.


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Hi Daniel,

We are using Cyber-Ark for privilege accounts management.

A quick overview of what cyber-ark can do is:

1. Privilege account managements - Main function
2. Secure document vault for document access and sharing
3. APIs for applications and scripts to call for password retrieval. (remove hardcoding, properties file, ini file, etc risk).
4. Linux super user privilege access management, logging and auditing (a more powerful SUDO without the need for sudoers file)
5. Allows monitoring and video recording playback for activities

You will certainly require professional service to understand and to streamline the cyber-ark process into your working environment.

Andrew Chong
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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I heard the implementation are complicated. Is it true?

Do you have any whitepaper that explains how the cyberark solution works?


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> Donald
> We are using deploying it.
> Depending on your environment, it is sometimes not so straight forward and dependent on your intended use.
> Regards
> Daniel
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> Hi,
> Anyone heard of this company called Cyber-Ark before? Any good review on it?
> http://www.cyber-ark.com
> It provides a very good way of 2FA. Seems the SG bank is using it.
> Regards,
> Donald
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