[Owasp-singapore] Topics for our monthly meetups

Wong Onn Chee ocwong at usa.net
Tue Aug 3 06:19:41 EDT 2010

 Hi folks,

As discussed in our meetup yesterday, we will be having regular monthly
meetings, regardless whether there is a speaker.
We will be adopting a panel discussion format where all attendees can
have a chance to share with the rest.
Whenever there is a suitable speaker for a shortlisted topic, I will
definitely try to arrange for the speaker to present.

As such, I will like to hear from you on your preferred list of topics.
Do email me privately your preferred list so as not to spam the entire
The most popular topics will be given higher priority and will be
organised at earlier dates.

Due to dynamic developments in IS, I will also be polling the group
every quarter to make sure the list of topics is constantly kept fresh
and relevant.

Hope to hear from you soon.

PS: Please DO NOT reply to the group with your preferred list of topics.


Best Regards
Onn Chee

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