[Owasp-singapore] Q: How to become an Application Security Expert?

Donald Ong donald.ong at gmail.com
Fri May 8 08:59:24 EDT 2009

Hi Ruel,

Welcome to the OWASP chapter!

I agree with Stephen opinions. 

You should treat this chapter as another place for you to learn more about security. There are many ways to secure a software or infrastructure, and really depends how you understand and approach it.

Security in IT is a broad topic, and you should start off the subject most interests you, and expand from there. It is quite difficult to be expert in every area, but its important for you to understand on the security nature you are dealing in.

Enjoy your learning with us. :)


Stephen Craig Evans <stephencraig.evans at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi Ruel,
>It depends on your background and where you want to go in
>application/software security.
>Here are 3 excellent appsec podcast series:
>At the beginning of most of these podcasts (65+), the guest is asked
>how they got started in software security.
>Your question will be answered.
>2009/5/8 spawn of soul calibur <ruel555 at hotmail.com>:
>> Hi All,
>> As some of you may know, I am very new to Information Security particularly
>> Application Security. My goal is to work towards becoming an expert in 3
>> to 4 yrs time. I know its a huge goal but Im willing to spend time and
>> effort to reach it. Since I know OWASP is the de-facto leader in application
>> security I hope someone can guide me on how to become an expert in this
>> field. Can anyone advise someone who is in the entry-level of application
>> security? Thanks!
>> Regards,
>> Ruel Montallana
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