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It appears that this is a load balancer (a outdated one anyway). I believe
these are the default and more often than not, appliance company like to
show off their appliances by using these banners and headers.

These can be disabled with the following instructions (via
http://kb.juniper.net/index?page=content&id=KB12832&cat=DX_SERIES&actp=LIST) :

You can disable the DX setting the Via and/or Warning  HTTP headers
respectively with:?

  set server factory h v disabled

  set server factory h w disabled

these are global settings, you can adjust these per cluster too with:

  set cluster <cluster name> factory h v disabled

  set cluster <cluster name> factory h w disabled

The DX adds these as it is acting as a reverse proxy; these headers notify
clients  they don't talk directly to the server but through a proxy as per

After disabling these you can use apprules to insert your own Via and/or
warning header as required e.g.

PTH: url starts_with "/" then insert_reply_header "Via" "The long way"

You can use apprules to modify headers set by the target server, from your
output it looks like you are using nitro.apprule or a modified version of
it.   You can view this default file with 'show file nitro.apprule', within
are statements that hide the Server header e.g.

PTH: reply_header "Content-Type" contains "plain"
    and reply_header "Cache-Control" not_contains "no"
    and reply_header "Cache-Control" not_contains "private"
    and reply_header "Cache-Control" not_contains "max-age"
    and reply_header "Pragma" not_contains "no-cache"
    and reply_header "Expires" not_exists
    and http_reply_code equals "200"
    and query_string not_exists
    then insert_reply_header "Cache-Control" "max-age=600"
    and update_reply_header "Server" "Concealed by Juniper Networks DX"
    and cache "600"

You can either modify your applied apprule to set the Server header as you
wish (or preserve it by deleting the relevant line).

Regards, Winston Leong
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             14/08/2009 06:53          [Owasp-singapore] Follow-up from    
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For those of you who were there in yesterday's meetup,

Besides the SG govt leak, I also shared how I spotted one of our local
transport companies did not do a clean job in securing their web site
information becos they expose the WAF/Firewall that they are using.

Here is the HTTP response for your reference:

HTTP/1.x 200 OK
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:38:03 GMT
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
X-AspNet-Version: 1.1.4322
Cache-Control: private
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Server: Concealed by Juniper Networks DX
Content-Encoding: deflate
Warning: 214  "Juniper Networks DX Active"
Vary: Accept-Encoding, User-Agent
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Via: 1.1 dx2 (Juniper Networks Application Acceleration Platform - DX 5.2.6
Set-Cookie: rl-sticky-key=c0a8089b; path=/;

Yes, they have done something good by adding a Juniper WAF in front of
their web server, but is there really a need to tell the entire world you
are using Juniper Networks Application Acceleration Platform - DX 5.2.6 0?
And that you are running ASP.Net version 1.1.4322 too?
Why changed the Server to "Concealed" at all when everything else is

Lesson: If you want to conceal, please conceal fully. Don't conceal one
thing and reveal another thing. IS pros should not be playing peekaboo
games....we don't work in Geylang.

Again, ostrich symptom in play here - thinking that there is nothing more
to be done after slapping a Juniper in front of your web server.

Maybe we can run the first SG OWASP conference and call it "Ostrich
Any seconders? ;-)

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