[Owasp-singapore] [security-77] Sharing of good news

Wong Onn Chee ocwong at usa.net
Mon Nov 3 01:48:48 EST 2008

Hi Michael,

This is a great idea!

I can see that having such talks (though they could be sales talk) will
help our community to have a better understanding of certifications that
are most relevant to IS.

Any one else who is for having a series of talks on IS certifications?

Michael wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 4:26 AM, Wong Onn Chee <ocwong at usa.net> wrote:
>> As for suggested presentation on CISSP by Qin Chuan, my view is that
>> someone from ISC2 will be more appropriate though.
>> What do you think?
> Well, first off Qin Chuan passed his Security+ certification and not
> CISSP. I am not against having someone from the certification body to
> discuss their certifications, but I also value the "word of the
> street".
> Suggestion: Invite the different certification companies to spend
> maybe 30 minutes making a case for their offerings. It should be
> extended to all the relevant companies (and not just the ones we have
> discussed so far), and it should bring up a number of set points apart
> from what they want to highlight. I would also suggest that if the
> company are not willing/able to send a representative to our meeting
> (budget, time restrains etc) they should be allowed to leave a written
> response to the agreed questions which we can upload to the Meetup.com
> site for all to access.
> My recommendation of points to bring up:
> * Prerequisites of the certifications
> * Coverage
> * How many are certified to date (at most 1 year old figures)
> * How to attain it (course, self study [recommended reading list],
> online, certified exam centers)
> * Cost (for the exam itself)
> * Does the certification expire? How to renew?
> * Benefits for the individual
> * Benefits for the organisation
> (please add more if you think it's missing something)
> List of certification bodies to involve (in no particular order):
> * CompTIA
> * ISC^2
> * EC-Council
> (please add more if you think it's missing something)
> As this meetup group originated as a OWASP Singapore meeting I say it
> is only fair to have Onn Chee spend a few minutes talking about the
> resources OWASP has to offer, because they have a lot of interesting
> resources.
> There is also a bunch of vendor-centric security certifications, not
> sure how well that will go with you guys but I personally think
> generic certifications are of more value then a vendor-centric one
> (what if your next company isn't running CISCO or CheckPoint
> gear?)////.
> Best regards
> Michael Boman

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