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Subject: 	[Owasp-leaders] Update on the DirBuster Project, version 0.10 
is out
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From: 	James Fisher <dirbuster at webappsec.sittinglittleduck.com>
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Hi all

I decided it was time that I gave you all an update on the DirBuster  
Project.  Which if you are not familiar with this project it "is a  
multi threaded java application designed to brute force directories  
and files names on web/application servers."

Version 0.10 is ready to download, which is another step towards  
making it a "Release" quality project.  This can be obtained from:


Changes from 0.9.12 -> 0.10 are as follows

* Fixed a bug that caused DirBuster to hang, when deselecting items to scan.
* Fixed part of the HTML parse worker so it exits correctly
* More work to finish the treetableview
* Fixed bug that caused purebrute force mode to not work
* Fixed bug that caused fuzz based pure brute force to not work correctly
* Fixed bug that caused part of the code not to work with java 1.5
* Added content length row into results table
* Added a feature to check for new versions of DirBuster
* Fixed bug reported by Ralf Hoelzer, where fuzzing does not correctly  
check the URL to be fuzzed
* Fixed bug reported by Ralf Hoelzer, where if you run a "fuzz" and  
then switch to "list based" things broke
* Fixed error when first item in the tree view was added
* Fixed bug reported by Ralf Hoelzer, report generation fails if you  
tell it to write to directory and not a file
* Added more icons
* Added patch supplied by Ralf Hoelzer, to add a back button to the  
report panel

Suggestions, bug reports and flames are always welcome and appreciated!

James Fisher

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