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Michael Boman michael.boman at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 09:56:49 EDT 2007

I'd say we go for it. If we fill the room (8-9 ppl) it will be about
$5 a head per hour. It's certainly within my budget. How long do we
need the meeting room? I suggest we just use it for the presentation
itself and then we can do Q&A and BOF at the standard coffee tables,
what do you think? I can do my slot in 20 minutes, leaving the demos
to coffee section afterwards. Of course it only works if we are all


On 10/29/07, Wong Onn Chee <ocwong at usa.net> wrote:
> So everyone, what say you for an hour in the small room with big LCD screen?
> Cecil Su wrote:
> > It's S$40/hour for the small room with a big LCD screen (can
> > accomodate 8 - 9 people), and if the next room is opened as well to
> > enlarge to a bigger room (can sit in 20 people comfortably), it'll
> > cost S$80/hour (with 2 LCDs naturally).
> >
> > Heard there's even a "bulk discount" for more than 3 hours
> > (ie., they'll charge for 3 hours and you get 2 hours free; in total 5
> > hours)
> >
> > Cheers!
> > /cecil

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