[Owasp-seattle] OWASP Seattle Chapter Meeting – October 12th 6:00PM

Mike de Libero mikede at mde-dev.com
Thu Oct 5 08:16:47 EDT 2006

Yes, it is a little bit later than we said it would be, but the Seattle 
chapter meeting has been planned.  

Location: Bellevue Las Margaritas (http://www.lasmargaritasbellevue.com/)
Time: 6 o’clock.  

We have the following two talks lined up for this meeting:

Black Ops 2006: Pattern Recognition

The "Black Ops" series of talks tend to look for useful functionality in 
existing systems, and this year's edition is no exception. Topics will 

    * Detecting selective degradation along network paths
    * Results from a worldwide SSL scan
    * Cryptomnemonics
    * A midpoint between dumb fuzzing and smart fuzzing
    * Dotplots as a guide for fuzzing
    * Visual Binary Difference Analysis

Dan Kaminsky is the Director of Penetration Testing for IOActive Inc, a 
Seattle security consultancy.  Previously of Cisco Systems and Avaya
Inc, he has been presenting research into interesting mechanisms within 
TCP/IP for several years. One of his more well known endeavors involved 
correctly estimating the global infection rate from Sony's DRM Rootkit 
by use of quirks in the Internet's Domain Name System
infrastructure.  Dan focuses on design class issues, most recently
spending much of 2006 auditing Microsoft's new Vista operating system.

Wireless Communications Security

Up to recently, wireless communications have enjoyed a certain amount of 
security through obscurity because of the high cost of the hardware
required to examine these communications at the lowest levels.  With the 
advent of software radio, this obscurity is rapidly disappearing.

Josh Lackey will discuss some of his current research in the area and
will demonstrate the latest generation of low-cost hardware which
supports software radio.  As examples, he'll demonstrate

- Software which emulates the GSM broadcast control channel (let's phuzz 
your phone)
- How to show (and replay) the bits sent between your car and your
wireless key fob (or how to steal every Infiniti off the lot)

Josh Lackey has his Ph.D. in Mathematics but he quickly realized that
teaching calculus to freshmen for the rest of his life would drive him
crazy.  Instead, he decided to do what he was really good at: breaking
things.  While he enjoys breaking almost anything, he specializes in
breaking wireless protocols.  Josh is currently the Security Development 
Lead for Microsoft SWI and is responsible for leading a team of 
world-class hackers who get a chance to attack all of Microsoft's 
products before you do.  Previously, he was a Senior Ethical Hacker for 
IBM Global Services where he led penetration testing teams against large 
IBM customers.

Please let us know if you can make it or not so we can make sure to 
order the correct amount of food and beverages.


Mike & Scott

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