[Owasp-sanjose] Introduction - Chris Luebcke

Christopher Luebcke cluebcke at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 14:47:57 EDT 2005

Well, it's a bit awkward, but the site says I should
introduce myself after joining the list, so here it

My name is Chris Luebcke, and I manage a user
interface engineering group at Dorado
(http://www.dorado.com). Dorado is a vendor of
web-native, enterpise software to mortgage lenders
(primarily banks). The core of our software is the
mortgage application, so, without putting too fine a
point on it, you can imagine that for our production
applications, based on the kinds of data we gather and
store, security is of the utmost importance. As our
current interfaces are all Web GUIs, my position as a
UI group manager imposes on me the responsibility to
make sure that my devleopers well-versed and observant
of security concerns and issues.

I've found OWASP's resources to be immensely valuable
in enhancing my own education, as well as providing
resources I can use for training and guidance. Based
on the site, it looks like the nascent San Jose group
is off to a strong start, and I look forward to being
able to learn, participate and contribute (in whatever
small capacity I may be able to).

Chris Luebcke

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