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R_umor N'e-w's*: 

Onco_lo gy M+e d . I*n.c_.  (OT,C: ONCO.) a Canc+er Treatme-+nt S.olutio_ns Gr*oup is s a'i d to h a v,e 

ex+p*erienced o'v'e,r a 1.000% i nc,rease in revenu,e+s f,o+r t'h_e fi scal 3,r-d qua rter e-nding J_u_l+y-, 
2_0'0,7 c.o,mpared w.i-t+h t+h+e p_rior y.e.a'r whi,le f*iscal four th quarte-r res.ults f-o_r 2'0,0+7 a-r,e on

trac_k to ex'ceed t,h+i_s year ’s t_hird q-uarter result_s. 

O*N C-O ad*di-tionally pl,ans to i*ncre+ase s'ervice off_erin gs w*hich a*r_e c,ur.rently unde-r+way. 
D-on’t w.a*i_t f'o r t_h+e n_e+w,s to c*o m+e o.u*t a.n'd l*o*s e t+h,e oppo'rtu_nity to g.e-t in fr.ont of the
g+eneral inv_est+ing p_ublic.  O.n*cology M'e_d is in a mult_ibillio+n dolla,r indu's try w-h*e,r_e 

t.h_e y a-r_e ga,ining mark_et sha-re rap-idly. 

C_a,l_l y.o'u_r brok,er n*o w f o,r O'N+C_O*. 

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