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There will be a change with one of the speakers:  We will have the benefit of having Ivan Rustic present, who will flying in from London and take Jacob's spot with the first talk.  He will discuss ModSecurity, the importance of web application firewalls and how they work.  

The meeting will be at 6 PM at Golden Gate University, Room 2203 (2nd Floor, turn left, turn right).  See you all there.

Ivan's Bio:
Ivan Ristic is a web security specialist and the author of ModSecurity, an open source intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications. Ivan spends his time thinking about web application security, web intrusion detection, and security patterns. Prior to moving to the computer security field, Ivan spent a number of years working as a developer, system architect, and technical director in the software development industry.    Ivan wrote Apache Security for O'Reilly, a concise yet comprehensive web security guide for administrators, system architects, and programmers. 
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