[Owasp-sanfran] Next OWASP Meeting on 9/6: Malicious code injection workshop and panel discussion

Robi Papp robipapp at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 24 20:05:39 EDT 2007

Greetings IT Professionals,
    Brian Christian has decided to step down from organizing the San Francisco Chapter of OWASP, so I have offered to assist. To commemorate Global Security Week the San Francisco and San Jose OWASP chapters will host a joint event at eBay’s Town Square on Thursday, September 6.  As usual attendance is free and food and beverages will be provided.  
  Agenda and Presentations:  
  5:00pm – 5:30pm           Check-in and Reception (food and beverages)
  5:30pm – 6:45pm           Malicious Code Injection Workshop
  6:45pm – 6:55pm           Break
  6:55pm – 8:10pm           Panel Discussion – Privacy, Security and Breaches, Oh My!  
  8:10pm – 8:30pm           Networking Session
  eBay - Town Square B
  2161 North First   Street
  San Jose, CA 95131
  Map and Directions:  
  Malicious Code Injection Workshop
  SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and other injection attacks techniques have become pervasive on the web.  This hands-on workshop takes an in-depth look at common methods used to exploit web applications.  Attendees will learn step-by-step techniques used by attackers allowing them to better understand how web applications are exploited.  Each attack method is followed up with a discussion about effective countermeasures to defend against such attacks.  
  This interactive workshop includes a victim web application that contains built-in vulnerabilities.  Attendees can bring their own laptop computers and participate in hands-on lab sessions.  The objective of this workshop is to learn secure development practices used to harden the security of applications.  Attendee participation is encouraged and door prizes will be awarded at random.  
  Workshop Instructor: 
  Siva Ram, CISA
  Senior Consultant, AppSec Consulting 
  Panel Discussion: “Privacy, Security and Breaches, Oh My!”  
  This panel discussion will review the current state of information privacy and the security of web applications.  Security breaches are occurring at an alarming rate and consumers are loosing faith.  What, if anything can be done to restore confidence in e-commerce?
  What can we learn from events at Card Systems are more recently Monster.com?  What can be done to ensure your company is not the next victim of a class action and/or hackers and data thieves?  Join an all-star panel of Information Privacy and Data Security professionals to better understand what’s at stake and how to stay out of the headlines.  
  Moderator:         Alex Stamos, iSEC Partners 
  Panelists:          Doran Rotman, KPMG (co-author, Generally Accepted Privacy Principles)
                          David Pollino, Washington Mutual Bank
                          Robert Fly, Salesforce.com
                          Larry Pingree, Safeway (co-founder, Digital Forensics Association)
  Special Thanks to eBay for hosting this event.
  Please use http://owaspday.eventbrite.com to RSVP or reply to this message.  Please forward this message to friends and colleagues interested in application security.  
  Thank you,
  Brian Bertacini
  San Jose OWASP volunteer
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