[Owasp-sanantonio] June 5th meeting follow-up

Dan Cornell dan at denimgroup.com
Thu Jun 6 01:49:50 UTC 2013


Thanks to everyone who attended today's OWASP San Antonio with James
Wickett. I had a great time and hopefully everyone found the presentation
to be valuable. If you want more information about the gauntlt project,
check out:

James is going to put his slides up online so I will send another email
when those are available.

I wanted to send out some more info on a couple of the other topics that
were mentioned during the meeting:

-The OWASP Membership Drive runs through June 10th and I really encourage
everyone to check out the prizes available via the drawing. $50 for an
annual OWASP membership is super cheap and you can find out more about the
drawing and membership benefits here:

-OWASP AppSecUS is being held in Manhattan, NYC from Nov 18th through Nov
21st. I'll be doing a two-day training class ("Building a Software
Security Program with Open Source Tools") and there will be other great
training classes as well as sessions. Early-bird pricing runs through
August 15th and you get a $50 discount for being an OWASP member. More
info here:

-LASCON is being held in Austin from October 22nd through 25th. There will
be great training classes (first two days) as well as two days of
conference sessions. This is also just a short drive up the road to
Austin. Get more information here:

Also as James mentioned LASCON is also running some training event prior
to the conference. I will be doing a LASCON July training class on July
22nd and 23rd. More info here:

As I mentioned, next month (July 10th) we'll have Jarret Raim and Matt
Tesauro talking about the cloud crypto key management features being
incorporated into OpenStack. I'll get the OWASP San Antonio wiki updated
shortly. Hope to see everyone there and please bring a friend!



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