[Owasp-royalholloway] Reminder: Next OWASP London Event - March Chapter Meeting - this Thursday, 20th March 2014, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Justin Clarke justin.clarke at owasp.org
Tue Mar 18 16:26:03 UTC 2014


A reminder that our next meeting is this Thursday at our new venue sponsor for the year, Skype, at their offices at 2 Waterhouse Square, 140 Holborn, London, EC1N 2ST.  

RSVPs close tomorrow evening!

The talks are all confirmed:

• Using Tunna (HTTP Tunnel) for penetration testing - Nikos Vassakis and Rodrigo Marcos
Once a web application is compromised and command execution is achieved, the attacker faces a number of hurdles. Network filtering is one of the key defensive techniques used to prevent attackers from creating further communication channels. This is usually an effective technique to limit the attacking avenues. Tunna is a tool designed to bypass firewall restrictions on remote web servers. It consists of a local application (supporting Ruby and Python) and a web application (supporting ASP.NET, Java and PHP). This presentation will cover all the steps required to effectively bypass firewalls protecting web applications, bind TCP ports on the compromised host and access other hosts in the DMZ.

• OWASP WebSpa - Yiannis Pavlosoglou
The OWASP WebSpa project is a tool implementing the novel idea of web knocking. The term web knocking stems from port knocking, If port knocking is defined as "a form of host-to-host communication in which information flows across closed ports" then we define web knocking a form of host-to-host communication in which information flows across erroneous URLs. In this talk we introduce web knocking and WebSpa: A tool for single HTTP/S authorisation requests. Similarly to traditional network port-knocking schemes, WebSpa aims to create a covert channel of communication for Operating System (O/S) commands, over the web application layer. Within this presentation the applicability, as well as the hurdles crossed while developing WebSpa will be discussed. The presentation will conclude with a video demo illustrating how a specially crafted URL will be responsible for allowing access to a previous closed TCP port 22 and other services.


• Nikos Vassakis
Nikos is a security consultant at SECFORCE. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Information Security, and has 2 years of security related working experience. When not working breaking one technology or another, he drinks beer, socialises and when time permits works on research projects. Current research activities focus mainly on post-exploitation network traffic tunnelling techniques and trying to take over the world.

• Rodrigo Marcos
Rodrigo is a security CREST consultant at SECFORCE, with 10 years of experience in the penetration testing industry. His interests cover a wide range of areas, such as network protocol fuzzing, programming and "high-protein" web hacking - trying to minimise the gap between web application and infrastructure testing to achieve his ultimate goal: World domination, one IP address at a time.

• Yiannis Pavlosoglou
There is a world of numbers, hiding behind letters, inside computers, this is what stimulates my work. I am currently employed in IT risk management within the financial industry, running a team of technical risk assessors. Prior to this, I spent 5 years in the world of professional penetration testing. I focused my career evolution on assisting large scale projects actually implement secure development practices. This included teaching developers how to write secure code. For OWASP, I was the project leader for JBroFuzz and used to chair the Global Industry Committee. I am on the Application Security Advisory Board of the (ISC)2. My academic qualifications include a PhD in information security, designing routing protocols for ad-hoc networks. I am a certified scrum master and hold the CISSP certification.

I've setup the Eventbrite page to RSVP here - http://owasp-london.eventbrite.co.uk/  Please note that RSVPs close Wednesday evening before the event so we get names on the door!

See you all there :)


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