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Thanks for the update. Your earlier message indicated the venue as BCS London Offices, 5 Southampton St. I checked the BCS calendar and found no entry for this event for 11 June. I am secretary to BCS SPA and I am not aware of this event. Do you know who made the booking? Evenbrite calendar shows 43 places available and if more people are attending then we may request two adjoining rooms.

With kind regards,

Mohinder Khosla, PhD

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Mohinder,  Dennis, Owasp and Rhul colleagues.

The Link is:


Currently I am looking  for sponsors, with any excess donations for
MacMillan Nurses (unlike me and my typing they can do no wrong).


On Sat, June 2, 2012 3:07 pm, Dennis Groves said:
> Hello Mohinder,
> Thank you for your observation. This event is not my event - so I don't
> control that link. I sent it to the list because it will have Jim Manico
> speaking, who sits on the board of OWASP and thus I made the assumption it
> would be also of interest to people participating in OWASP; and forwarded
> it to the list.
> I have had the opportunity to see both speakers, and I highly recommend
> both. They each our outstanding contributors to information security, and
> brilliant speakers to boot! The OODA talk, which I have not yet seen, is
> bound to be one of the most cutting edge ideas is secure development to be
> proposed in for several years to come.
> Dennis

> On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 12:32 PM, Mohinder
> <mohinder.khosla at talk21.com>wrote:
>> Dennis,
>> The booking link is not working. Could someone fix it before you start
>> getting emails?
>> With kind regards,
>> Mohinder Khosla, PhD

>> Jim Manico in central london (BCS) 1830 -2030
>> This is going to be a great night folks! I hope to see you there!

>> Subject: 11th June David Lacey and Jim Manico in central london (BCS)
>> 1830
>> -2030
>> On 11th of June it was planned to have the ISC2 initial London chapter
>> meeting , however this is now postponed.
>> BCS, OWASP, IISP, ISSA, IET, ISC2 isg.rhul.ac.uk, MSc Information
>> security Alumni members are welcome and this will provide anyone with an
>> interest a chance to help shape future London Events.
>> The booking Link is:
>> ooda.eventbrite.co.uk
>> I am still looking for sponsors.
>> Hopfeully sandip will have an update on the ISC2 london chapter for us.
>> Regards
>> dave
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