[Owasp-rochester-announce] OWASP Mailman list migration

Ralph Durkee rd at rd1.net
Mon Mar 4 20:46:50 UTC 2019

Chapter members,

The new google group for the Rochester Chapter has not been created yet; 
we expect them later this week.  We had to postpone the February OWASP 
meeting, but we are in the process of planning one for April, so please 
stay tuned.   Also it turns out the chapter discussion list was disabled 
and archived as part of the migration effort, because it hadn't been 
used in 12 months.  The last usage was a job posted in Jan last year.  
So the question remains, is there a need for a chapter discussion lists, 
where list members can post application questions, job posting or other 
information and questions?  The announcement list is posted to only by 
the chapter leaders to post chapter announcements.   Let me know either 
way.  Reply to me rather than the lists, as your email won't go to the 
announcement list.

Thank you!

Principal Security Consultant

On 3/1/19 1:10 PM, Ralph Durkee wrote:
> ROC OWASP Chapter Subscribers,
> OWASP is in the process of retiring the mailman chapter mail lists, 
> and will be migrating to Google groups to provide email communications 
> in the next couple of weeks.  There will be more details soon on the 
> migration process, but wanted to let every know that it's coming.  
> This will affect both the Rochester OWASP announcement lists and the 
> chapter discussion list. So stay tuned.  I will send the same message 
> to both lists, so if you may get two of these messages.
> Some high level details are available 
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Staff-Projects/Mailman-EOL
> Hope to have news of the next Chapter meeting out soon.

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